30 May 2017 • John Tarasin

Welcome to the Nirvana Jewellery website! As mentioned in the Homepage video and in About Us, we began creating this project in earnest several years ago. Of course in retrospect, it has developed over several decades to arrive in this current form.

Within this medium, is an urge to share as clearly as is possible the insights and common Truths discovered in our behaviours and the inherent qualities and intentions carried in them, as we interact in this World.

Nirvana Jewellery is an attempt to incorporate the experiences, skills, insights acquired over a lifetime to extend to you the distilled and most considered offering in personal insight of human behaviour. It is not a school of thought nor does it profess to provide a path or answers to the myriad of self proclaimed problems. It is merely a simple suggestion to use what was given to you at birth. The capacity to look with attention, sense within and observe and to question reaction.

"It is about making a moment to hold a space for yourself to learn about yourself, in the everyday moments of your life. Truly, to Stop Look and Breathe."

Our message is a constant. It is the activity that occupies our life. To Stop Look Breathe is a fundamental ability of humanity that can be taken into any interaction or experience you may have. To observe and feel the experience. To be present. It does not require any training, courses or deference to any person or entity, physical or non-physical, yet the vigilance and practice comes from a fascination and curiosity. It is your observations and capacity to “stay” with what is, in your experience or behaviour that will educate and develop your awareness about yourself.

It is not a religion, yet the commitment to our inquiry and the work of unravelling ourselves requires some courage, openness, meekness and choiceless attention. You will do it, or you will not. The act of Stopping Looking and Breathing is simple and absolute. You begin with wherever you are. Recognise all aspects of your experience, whether you are in deep revealing Meditation, driving the car in traffic, having an argument or trying to create some result in the duties of your work. All of these activities have the ability to reveal your beliefs and consequent reactions through observation.

The position of embracing wherever you are emotionally/psychologically may not only provide valuable insights into yourself and your behaviour, but also the opportunity to heal and free yourself from the circular traps of reaction and action that so often may define who you think you are.

The power of observation while staying present in your experience has the capacity to dissolve your beliefs and expectations.

It is the intention of this website to provide messages that resonate in such a way as to bring a friendly and open prompt to see within ourselves and recognise the wealth of motivations, positions, attitudes, beliefs, intentions, emotions, feelings, strengths and weaknesses that fill our personal experiences.

Thirty years of jewellery design and manufacture in a professional context along with international recognition, has provided the provenance for design and competency in the pieces offered.  The intelligence gained within the cultural anthropology research about global thinking has lead to an understanding that humans communicate with their artefacts. That is, all that they create as a culture. As  a personal  expression, the jewellery that you wear, may tell those around you what you believe in, how you live and your perception of how you fit in society, what you think about and most importantly, how you think about yourself and what you want to say to others.

Nirvana Jewellery provides an opportunity to say to others that the ability to Stop and Look and Breathe is a consideration akin to self reflection, a mindful being that is more than our work, social position, conventional gender expectations or more than “what you see”.

You can be saying that, “I too am considering my inner life just like the thousands of others around the World”, regardless of where you might be or present in society.

The Charms and their messages offered in the website carry a meaning that is steeped in a combination of historical, cross cultural religious and intuitive references. Each month, it is our intention to discuss in depth the meanings behind the motifs and how they, in our opinion, are relevant to daily life. The discussion will delve into the design aspects as well as how the qualities of the motifs appear in our daily interactions.

It is with great excitement and commitment that we begin our journey with you through Nirvana, and look forward to the unfolding and engagement with you.

Blessings to you,