Design and Materials

All Nirvana Jewellery is designed by master jeweller, John Tarasin, in Sydney, Australia. With over 30 years experience and expertise transferred from Tarasin Jewellers to Nirvana, you are guaranteed an excellence in design and manufacture.

Great importance has been given to the design and materials used in the crafting of Nirvana Jewellery. We use only pure and solid gold or sterling silver metals, as described in each piece. 

The shape of the Nirvana amygdalums (charms) is a result of decades of design refinement, by master jeweller, John Tarasin. The oval organic egg shape, has an archetypal recognition for all humans. It's a shape that is most visually pleasing and resonates with one's sense of aesthetic - one of the things in life that we just 'like' but don't necessarily 'know why'. 

Synergistically, whilst working on the Nirvana project in New York, a visit to the Ancient section of the Met Museum revealed a cabinet displaying Etruscan artefacts and jewels of ancient glass beads in the shape of almonds with an engraved intaglio on them. They were called Amygdalums!  And thus our beautifully shaped charms have an ancient connection.   

A further synergy shows the relationship of the amygdala found in each cerebral hemisphere of the brain, where the almond shaped grey matter is involved with the processing of emotions. A pivotal inclusion in the message of Nirvana Jewellery.  The amygdala acts like a processing factory of memories, emotions and responses to the environment.  What a lovely and unintentional correlation to the whole development of Nirvana! 

Great importance was placed in selecting the varying silver and gold motifs such that they carry an inherent purity. This is reflected in their beauty and enhanced by the charm bases made in pure and solid gold or sterling silver.

Consideration is given to producing variation within the bracelets including the use of black and tan leather, sterling silver, steel mesh and 18ct yellow gold mesh. This gives scope to personalise your bracelet selection.

The knotted Mandali bracelets are knotted from an acrylic woven thread.  The Mandali bracelets use knots that mimic the complex fabric of one’s life imbued with the meditative message given by the Amygdalums (Nirvana beads).

Mandali is derived from mandala, sanskrit for connection.  Each Mandali bracelet will carry the message most pertinent to the wearer, using a combination of Amygdalum beads.

The limited edition pieces, including the pavé charms, pendants and earrings are meticulously handmade by master craftsmen producing exquisite fine Nirvana Jewellery. The utmost care and professionalism goes into selecting the premium components that create each unique limited edition Nirvana piece.

We hope you enjoy Nirvana as much as we do.

John Tarasin and Lucy Andrews

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