Welcome to Nirvana Jewellery.

We are based in Sydney, Australia, where all our jewellery is designed and created. 

It is our aim to sell accessible yet beautiful hand-crafted jewellery. 

That message is to Stop Look and Breathe.

It is embedded into the symbolism of the jewellery as a unique reminder that pervades the moments of your day to day life.

This call to Stop Look and Breathe is an essential aspect in approaching a Meditation or enquiry. A Meditation that is effective, is one that is part of your everyday life.

This includes all of your actions, reactions and relationships experienced as you engage in your world. It becomes part of how you live rather than a separate act of meditation. It is not separate to your life as something you do but integrated into the daily fabric of your living experience.

The Nirvana collection of beads, bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings are designed to embody different qualities pertinent to the wearer. Each piece carries a message that can be tailored to suit the wearer acting as a companion and unique reminder to the essential connection of you with yourself and your world.

We're a team of a union of expertise 

Each piece has been designed by John Tarasin, international and award winning jewellery designer. Tarasin has cultivated a long standing reputation of creating extraordinary bespoke jewellery and commissions throughout the world. Along with a keen interest in self and human behaviour broadened by study in Anthropology, Religious Studies and Civil Engineering, feed into the provenance of Nirvana Jewellery.

Lucy Andrews, a yoga practitioner and international instructor of 30 years, brings her lifelong experience in food and nutrition, herbal medicine, meditation and ongoing enquiry to the power of  each message. Lucy sees the elements of a conscious life as support for an expression of a life with connection, awareness and authenticity allowing for the unraveling of the layers that block our essential being.

Together, the messages highlighted in the Nirvana Collection carry a fresh and unique expression creating a landmark in jewellery and its use.

Why Nirvana message has chosen jewellery? In cultural anthropological language, jewellery is a medium that speaks to the wearer and to those around you. There is a richness, exuberance, simplicity and naturalness in this connection.

Nirvana Jewellery brings together the unity of our expertise and offering from heart.