The PowerLife Nirvana Bracelet


The PowerLife Nirvana Bracelet

This bracelet has been uniquely designed and created by Nirvana Jewellery in collaboration with the ‘mother and daughter’ team from The PowerLife. PowerLife represents universal love, an adventurous spirit and embraces the Power of the feminine energy.

The PowerLife charm includes the inspired notions of optimistic love and sunlight enhanced by the infinity of ocean – intrinsic in the notions of travel and adventure with passion and purpose. Choose from a sterling silver charm with 18ct yellow gold motif and a heart shaped natural ruby, or a sterling silver charm with 9ct rose gold or 18ct yellow gold motif. The PowerLife charm sits between two sterling silver charms with 9ct rose gold motifs of the Coptic Cross representing Stop and the ancient Eye of Horus of Look, featured on a sterling silver Nirvana bracelet.

Nirvana Jewellery carries the message Stop Look Breathe, the essential elements of meditation. Jewellery designed to be worn as your daily companion to Stop, Look, Breathe...

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